Welcome to SincerelyMC!

I’m so very excited to introduce SincerelyMC to you! The site is finally live after months of work, writing, and design. Keep an eye out for new posts, but also explore the six initial posts I’ve written just for the launch. Happy reading!

From the About Page:

“SincerelyMC is a an entertainment and lifestyle blog with a mission of providing interesting, authentic, and heartfelt posts for a teenager audience.”

SincerelyMC is all about substance and sincerity. Every post is written by a teenager, for a teenager. SincerelyMC’s goal is to provide a unique perspective of the world, whether that is in the form of interviews, reviews, advice posts, or personal stories.  While some posts will be filled with light humor and interesting commentary, other posts will feature personality, openness, and honesty. Still others will showcase opinions and give a platform to voices about the issues and questions plaguing today’s moral and political world.

My whole-hearted goal for SincerelyMC is to provide content that is sincere and stands out as real and authentic against all else; it is also my goal to discover more about myself and those of my generation. I am not afraid of expanding my repertoire and writing about new experiences and topics. Most of all, I hope my readership will always feel comfortable and inclined to share topics they’d like to hear about. I hope SincerelyMC will become a safe place for discussion and creativity. Most of all, I hope you will join me for SincerelyMC’s journey.

Connect With MC:

As mentioned above, I really want to open SincerelyMC as a platform for teenagers. If you read a post and have some thoughts about it, please comment or start a discussion. If you have a post idea or a business inquiry, shoot me an email to Sincerelymcblog@gmail.com . You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I’d love to hear from you! You can also receive posts in your inbox by signing up for email notifications in the form on the blog’s sidebar.

I will always remember August 10th, 2016 as the beginning of SincerelyMC. Thank you so much for being apart of the launch.




Mary Claire is a 17 year old student and writer who loves politics, campfire smores, traveling, classic movies, and new music.

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