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If you’re like me, then you’ve probably started school again and are finding yourself with new textbooks, classes, teachers etc…except none of your stress is new. Every year classes get harder, teachers expect more, and exams are not what I’d like to call “cram-able”.  If you’re in need for some study tips and time savers, just scroll! And be sure to share any other study tips you have in the comments below.

Late Night Studying: How to Stay Awake Longer

It’s usually around 7 or 8 and after a couple of hours studying when you get hit with that “oh my gosh I’m dead inside let me sleep” feeling. Though I usually recommend getting sleep over studying till the late hours in the morning, sometimes you’ve got to sacrifice those zzzz’s. The only problem? You can’t keep your head from resting against that notebook that’s become a make-shift pillow. If you’re struggling to keep your brain functioning, there are a few things that can help keep you awake for a little while longer.

Chew Gum- It’s a known study hack to chew gum during a test, but I’ve found that chewing gum or sucking on a mint while studying keeps me more alert. I recommend the mint gum because it has a strong flavor. Best of all, it should keep you from yawning!

Take a Shower-Sometimes taking a break is the best thing, and water could wake you up. Take a lukewarm or cold shower and come back to your studying refreshed.

Music, Music, MUSIC- As long as the music isn’t going distract you, listen to it! Make a study playlist that you can easily access on Spotify. Use earbuds because they can also help you block out any distracting noises and focus in on your studies.

Workout Before You Study- Adrenaline from working out will keep you going for much longer. It also helps immensely with stress. Try to plan a short workout before you study, or even take study break and use your time to do a few crunches or push-ups.

If You Need to Memorize Something, Read This….

First read the information you need to memorize. Say it to yourself a couple of times and make sure you understand it’s meaning. Then you can either go with A) Teaching Way or B) The Fun Way.

A) The Teaching Way- Explain the concept to someone else. Call a friend or sit down with a family member and tell them all about what you’re studying. If you come up with a blank, that means you don’t know the information and need to spend more time looking it over. If you’re able to have a real conversation and explain your subject, then you have made good progress memorizing it. Discussing the information reinforces it in your mind and it’s easier to remember it later for a test or presentation.

B)  The Fun Way-I’m sure everybody was drawn to this one because of ‘fun’ in the label, but it really is a way to make learning fun and fast. First, read your information and then turn on an upbeat song. As the song comes on, dance to it and say the first facts from your study material that come to your mind. Keep dancing until you’ve recited what you want to say for an essay or vocabulary terms you’ve been trying to remember. Then, sit down, read more information, and repeat the process.

 Maximize Your Time By Studying On the Go

If you’re in the car, pull up Quizlet and go through a vocab list. If you’re waiting for practice to start, find a friend and ask them to test you. If you’re on a sports team that’s travelling, take time to do your homework on the bus ride there and back. Use every study hall to begin assignments.  Find a way to slip in a few extra minutes of studying until those few minutes pay off.

What’s my final tip, you ask?

Take plenty of breaks.

I mentioned this before, but it’s so important to take breaks. Allow yourself time to do all of the necessities like taking bathroom breaks, showing up for meals, and getting an ample amount of sleep. Reward yourself by calling a friend, taking a bath, or playing on your phone. Set a timer so you don’t get carried away. All of these tips are here to help you study better, and that will only happen if you pace yourself.

Thanks for taking time to study with me!


Mary Claire is a 17 year old student and writer who loves politics, campfire smores, traveling, classic movies, and new music.

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