If You Are Heartbroken, Read This

Photo Credit: Mayur Gala

Heartbreak is very real. Whether you’ve experienced it once or not at all, it will come into your life in the form of a break-up, death, or a personal struggle. Heartbreak is alive in this world. But guess what? So are you.

Take a deep breath. Feel the breath flow through your entire being. Feel your heart beating. Despite it all, you are here, living, breathing, healing. One minute, one heart beat at a time.

Now is the time to be gentle with yourself, the time to get in touch with who you are. Take time to process the heartbreak shock to your system: write about it, call a friend and tell them everything, go somewhere pretty to get lost in thought for a few hours. Whatever you do, sit with the heartbreak, let it wash over you in whatever form of emotion you need to feel–sorrow, anger, confusion, regret, guilt, fear.

Sit in this place with yourself. Sit in your ground zero, acknowledging its realness and your choice to reside there. Then, tell yourself to get back up. Plant a seed that is your choice to continue on, to grow, to change, to learn from this. Plant a seed of love for your whole self and of belief in your own process of healing.

There will be hard days. Heartbreak is a circle–you come back to old feelings that seem very new, but you have to keep going. Keep moving and each loop will be journeyed by a different, more healed version of you.

And remember: there is so much love in this world. There are family members and friends who love you more than anything. There are cities you’ve never been to and strangers today who you’ll know and love tomorrow. There are mountains, beaches, stars, and every type of dream landscape to see. There are good books, favorite songs, foreign languages to be learned, passions to be pursued, and always, always, a mug full of your favorite hot drink and a friend only a call away.

You are not alone. You will heal.


Mary Claire is a 17 year old student and writer who loves politics, campfire smores, traveling, classic movies, and new music.

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