SincerelyMC is an authentic teenage voice writing about politics, entertainment, lifestyle, and human interest.

My name is Mary Claire, and I am a 17 year old aspiring journalist, writer, and social activist. I started SincerelyMC for the purpose of sharing the thoughts, opinions, and exciting ideas that have been whirling around in my mind for years. The blog is also a platform for the compelling stories of others, often in the form of opinion pieces or interviews. SincerelyMC is the beginning of my writing portfolio, which I hope expands fully into a myriad of topics: entertainment, op-eds, human interest, lifestyle, and political pieces.

All that is published on this blog captures authenticity. These are genuine stories, opinions, commentaries, and explorations from a young person who does not have an official title besides student and blogger; yet each story captures  discussions about important topics,  and all have a sincere voice behind them.